“That was so so so much fun. It took us back and made us feel like we were out again. Honestly teared up over it. Thank you and amazing work to you and your team. Those effects were so good and it was so entertaining. We’ll definitely be back.” – Mass Velocity

“I’ve received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from the team – they loved it and it made for a very memorable virtual holiday party! Not an easy task when most are experiencing zoom fatigue now, so thank you for making it so fun and engaging!” – BCI

“Thanks again for the amazing trivia event!! Our team is raving about it already, it was seriously SO much fun! We’ll definitely do another one of these soon.” – Flow

“Our team was BUZZING from this morning. Our COO messaged me saying “that was the best time I have had in 6 months. And not just because I won. More please.” – Metalab

“That was honestly SO GREAT. The people truly loved it, it was the talk of our all hands meeting today!” – Certn

“Being a trivia buff, I’ve participated in many pub quizzes – I never thought a virtual platform would be able to replicate the fun of the in person experience, but Quiz This cleared the bar by a long shot! Benji and Kim were fantastic hosts, and provided a topical and engaging experience. Their chemistry, the variety of games and great content made me forget that I wasn’t joining in from the pub!” – Evan Singer, Jeopardy contestant

“I think that was my favourite 60 minutes since March. I am not lying. I loved it. We are 100% doing more of them.” – Metalab

“Amazing production value!” – Checkfront

“Hey I just wanted to follow up and say that as an introvert, that was more fun than expected.” – Really any member of your dev team

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