Re-connect your remote workforce!

A lot has been written about the transition to remote workforces and the unique connectivity challenges it presents.  In this new environment it becomes ever more important for managers to show their teams that you continue to listen and care about staff wellbeing.

The unspoken emotional connection we once fed upon in the office has been replaced by an autonomous quiet and a sense of isolation.  Great news for those who naturally crave alone time, and perhaps even find it empowering.  But in the case of the ‘overthinker’, providing quality interactive time and positive reassurance is a vital tactic in preventing unnecessary anxiety spirals.  Oh yes, the mind can be a troublesome place when left to its own devices.

Finding an easy in house solution is daunting and time-consuming.  Quality, fun activities don’t just drop from the sky, and sadly the multitude of options for online team building activities present like a library of black boxes – providing very little proof for what’s inside?  

To help you navigate and find cost effective and entertaining team building solutions, here are our top 5 ideas from the hosted ‘WOW’ factor event you’ve been looking to the ‘day to day’ plug in and go:


Yeah, yeah, another online trivia game in Zoom?  NOPE!  Quiz This is genuinely great entertainment from a purpose built platform.  It provides secure, fully immersive break out rooms for teams to play together whilst participating in a fully produced LIVE show that reports your team performance in real time!

It’s a visual delight, uniquely surreal and provides an engaging challenge to get your team working together.  Benji and Kim have been writing and hosting shows for years, it’s fair to say connecting with people and encouraging fun is ‘what they do’!

Best use case:  Great value for special events, team building fun and parties of 50+  The Quiz This team also offers customized productions for serious WOW factor at your next corporate event. Book now by emailing bookings@quizthis.ca.

Entertainment Value:  5/5
Teamwork value:  5/5
Time required:  60-70 minutes
Google review:  5/5

Example Reviews:  

“Top quality production, and Benji and Kim are hilarious and added a great personal touch. The company was buzzing after the event…everyone had such a great time! Highly recommend it.”  Helm Operations

“Benji and Kim were really hilarious and professional presenters. It really was like being on a TV quiz show!” Andy Chan


For a simple cost effective way of engaging your workforce Quiz Breaker provides a scheduled virtual team building quiz delivered to your inbox.

Use their curated favourite set of 100 icebreakers or add your own custom questions and invite your team to answer fun icebreaker questions.  If you want to up the ante and gamify the experience Quiz Breaker allows you to preset delivery of quiz questions to suit your schedule.

A nice feature is the ability to unlock new achievement badges and levels as your team learns new things about each other in each round of QuizBreaker.  Their scalable subscription package makes this non-hosted quiz activity easy to set up and good value for the long term.

Entertainment Value:  4/5
Teamwork value:  4/5
Teamwork value:  4/5
Review: 4.6/5


Now for a simple and effective solution for users of Slack…

Donut intros are a simple way to connect teammates from within Slack. On a regular basis, Donut will select people from your Intro channel, and will send a DM encouraging them to meet up for lunch, donuts, or a virtual coffee over video chat!

When someone on your Slack workspace sets up Donut, they’ll choose the channel, frequency of intros (multiple times per week, once per weekly, biweekly, etc), the time zone for your team, and the time that the intros will go out. These settings can be changed in the dashboard at donut.ai.

Donut tries to introduce people who don’t normally interact with each other. It does this by looking at who is in which channels and matching people who aren’t in a lot of channels together. Donut also keeps track of who has been introduced in the past to avoid frequent repeats.

Entertainment Value:  3/5
Team building value: 4/5
Time required: its up to you
Review:  4.7/5


Ok, a bit of a twist this time and certainly one for the retro fans out there! 

If you have a team who loves to game, Mario Kart Tour is a great virtual team building activity to try with your group.  

Available for download on iPhones and Androids, you can play this app-based version of Mario Kart right from your smartphone. With access like that, it’s easy to take a quick 15-minute mental break with your team.  

Challenge up to seven of your colleagues to a friendly round of races, featuring a cast of your favorite characters from the original video games. 

TIP:  Have a video chat open on your computer at the same time to get the full competitive effect! 

Entertainment Value:  4/5
Team building value: 3/5
Time required: 15mins
Review:  3.8/5


Fast, simple and proven fun for those looking for a quick injection of game play and ample room for silliness!

Skribbl revisits the fun of classic living room game play with, what is essentially, an online version of Pictionary.  The challenge comes in having to draw each picture using your cursor!  Each team member will have a chance to draw a generated word while everyone else tries to guess what the word is. Team members rack up points with each correct guess in the allotted time, and the members with the highest score win!

We suggest creating a private game room for your team. There’s a lot of customization that you can use in these rooms: choose how long your team has to guess each picture, how many rounds you will play, and even input your own words or phrases that your team will have to draw

Entertainment Value:  3.5/5
Team building value: 3/5
Time required: 15min
Review:  3.5/5

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