Quiz This is a result of inspired creative and technical minds coming together to solve a real 21st century problem: how to enjoy a genuinely fun and shared experience with the ones you love when you can’t be together!

Since the inception of the idea in August 2020, we have worked tirelessly as a team to bring you the product you can experience today, and we continue to build and grow!

Reach out to hello@quizthis.ca if you’d like to know more!

Benji Duke

…has been writing and performing original and highly entertaining quiz shows for over a decade. From raucous live stage shows to his long running weekly pub quiz nights, Benji has the ability to capture the imagination with his deft comic touch, natural stage presence and a unique perspective of the world around us.

From a base of ‘shared knowledge’ Benji crafts a game show that excites and stimulates players of all ages and backgrounds. Tickling the collective memory banks and encouraging open thinking, the focus is on play and the enjoyment of working together.

Kim Persley

…has worked in the music and entertainment industry since she realized it was possible to get paid for doing it. Kim always has her finger on the pulse and throws her quick wit around almost as much as her hair! She is hilarious, generous, honest, extremely intelligent, much admired, incredibly fashionable, filthy rich, considerate… [ Ed: Kim are you writing this? ] … and modest.

The Number

Quiz This was designed and built by The Number, a family of companies based on Vancouver Island, BC. Since 2003 we have been building businesses that provide meaningful and enjoyable employment for humans of all kinds. Our philosophy is to have fun and be useful, and we think that Quiz This has done just that 🙂

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